Travel Opportunities

Student Opportunities Abroad Program (SOAP)

The SOAP fellowship allows first-year students to participate in research projects or clinical experiences abroad in the summer between the first and second years of medical school. Past students have traveled to countries such as India, Guatemala, South Africa, and Malawi to work on projects ranging from smoking cessation, community mobilization, malnutrition and tuberculosis. Applications are due in February.

Jonathan Mann Fellowships

Jonathan Mann Fellowships are available for fourth-year medical students to pursue international rotations. Students have traveled to Thailand, England, Zambia, Chile, Ghana, and many other countries. Applications are due in September.

Spring Break Trips

First-year students have the opportunity to travel to Navajo Nation in Arizona. The trip includes tours of clinics and hospitals on the reservation and participation in public health initiatives.

Second-year students are sponsored on a trip to a country in Central or South America (Nicaragua in 2017), where they participate in rural and urban clinics and learn about the local public health infrastructure.

How to Apply


FIHTM's database of possible opportunities and past work by WUSM students is available here. This version is the most updated document reflecting SOAP grants and J. Mann Fellowships from the 2016-2017 year.

Please visit the Career Counseling office at WUSM for a history of travel logs and summary papers by students if you are looking for ideas!

Descriptions for two specific rotations are available: Dr. Mark Manary in Malawi and Dr. Joaquin Barnoya in Guatemala.

If you have difficulty accessing the documents from here, the documents are also available by logging into WUMSWeb and going to MS1 >> FIHTM.